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SEO Cost Calculator – For Multiple Business Sectors

Are you looking for the most advanced and precise SEO cost calculator? Then you just discovered the most authentic page. This SEO monthly package cost calculator helps you with identifying the cost of an SEO campaign for your business website on a monthly basis.

The SEO cost you see after your selected benchmarks of the calculations, are all exclusive 18%GST or 6% PayPal Charges.


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SEO Monthly Cost Calculations Criteria:

The criteria for calculating the monthly SEO cost is on the basis of the below-listed factors with a difference in the ranges of individual criteria selections as mentioned below.

  1. Select your Business Industry: Every business industry mentioned in this SEO cost calculator has its own fixed maximum cost which gets added to the below cost calculation segments.
  2. Select Number of Keywords: With this section, you can select the total number of keywords you want to target with your SEO campaign. The keywords range starts from a minimum of 10 keywords with an addition of 5 until 200 maximum keywords selection. In case you don’t have an idea of the keywords for your business then you can reach out to our customer service to Get Free keywords Analysis.
  3. Select the Number of Monthly Backlinks Required: Through this section, you can select the number of backlinks you want to build on a monthly basis for your website.
  4. Select the Level of On-Page SEO: There are 3 Levels of On-Page SEO we have mentioned in the Seo cost calculator (Basic, Technical, and Advanced) and each level comes with its individual cost that gets added in the final amount.

To get more detailed reports on what’s included in the Basic On-Page, Technical On-Page, and Advanced On page you can connect with our experts here.

Terms and Policies of the SEO Cost Calculator

This SEO cost calculator is developed by loveppcexperts.com and the total cost calculated through this SEO monthly cost calculator belongs to the real SEO packages offered by loveppcexperts.com. However, the cost mentioned in our SEO packages may be different from the calculated cost of this SEO cost calculator.

To get started with the SEO campaign with us, you can fill up the form attached with the SEO package calculator and the same cost will be entertained for your SEO campaign of the selected ranges for all 4 points mentioned above.

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